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Criminal Minds Icons, Screencaps, etc.

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Name:Criminal Minds Icons, Screencaps & Other Graphics
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Icons, screencaps and other fanart for Criminal Minds
p i c t u r e t h e c r i m e

This community was created to post any kind of Criminal Minds-themed graphics.

#1 - We're all friends. Be nice to each other.
#2 - When posting more than 5 icons, place them under a cut. Same goes for screencaps/banners/etc.
#3 - Please put all graphics containing spoilers behind a cut.
#4 - Please visibly credit your sources by linking to a resource post or directly listing them. This goes for using somebody else's screencaps as bases for your icons, or taking someone's icons/brushes/ideas.
#5 - Pimping/Promotion: Is okay as long as your pimp is fanart/graphics related; if not, I'll delete it. If you're not sure, ask first.
#6 - Comments are always nice.
#7 - Have fun!

#8 (as of Feb 2011) - Posts about the Criminal Minds Spin-Off Suspect Behavior are allowed as long as they contain regular CM content as well. If your post is purely about the spin-off, it would be more appropriate to submit your post to a community such as suspectbehavior.

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Want to affiliate? Contact the mod.

This community is maintained by seraphina_snape. Feel free to contact me through my journal if you have any questions.
Disclaimer: Criminal Minds and its characters are owned by CBS et al. I am not making profit with this site, nor do I want to.
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